Microsoft Azure

Our solutions are powered by Microsoft Azure, therefore their resource use is highly scalable, the processes generate data results with lightning speed and your data is completely secure in the Microsoft Cloud environment.
This gives you the edge of utilizing results of market predictions from one day to the next if needed, which is much more powerful than trying to plan with data that might be several weeks outdated.
All this, while you can be sure, that your data is guarded according to the highest security requirements, without the need of investing into high cost data warehouses.

Benefits of Azure:
Lower Cost
Azure is a bespoke suite of solutions where you only pay for what you use
Higher Security
Microsoft provides leading security and compliance for data privacy laws
Increased Productivity
Azure comes with many accelerators to enable rapid implementation of solutions
Global Scale
Azure is built so that solutions can seamlessly flex from small to a global scale
Microsoft is bringing their investment in AI into Azure to help you manage your network