Merchandise Financial Planning

Merchandise financial planning in a complex retail business environment is an extraordinary challenge often managed by spreadsheets and heavy manual labor with high reliance on the skills of individuals. A high degree of risk for data errors exists, which in turn threatens the accuracy and reliability of business plans, which is also a major source of headache for CFOs and merchandisers.
PlanR, our web-based spreadsheet lets you create, update and refresh pre- and in-season plans dynamically. Also, it has a special feature with which you can aggregate and/or spread data. This means, when you change data at any level it will be re-calculated at all levels above and below in the hierarchies.
PlanR can be tailored for your needs and does not require any IT knowledge from the user. Thanks to the increased productivity of planning, accuracy and tracking, accurate and timely plan execution enables you to maximize gross margin by reacting on time and accurately to changing circumstances in the business.