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Blue Sky is a team of professionals with a passion for solving business challenges. We have experience in business consulting, implementation, integration, support, solution hosting, development and application management.

We work with leading international organizations to provide the best value with best-fit solutions and technologies.

Originally founded in Budapest, Hungary in 2015, experienced rapid organic and partner-driven growth. Today, Blue Sky has over 25 consultants in Hungary, France and the USA.


We build solutions that answer business needs effectively, are intuitive, solve challenges that require complex processes, automate workflow and secure quality.

We provide global business consulting, solution implementation, integration, development and support services, working with industry leading businesses.

We use a proven approach to consulting and implementation based on our extensive experience with businesses world-wide.


Microsoft is a key technology partner of Blue Sky. Our services and solutions rely on the Azure network services to scale our analytics capacity seamlessly real time based on the needs of our retail customers.
Blue Sky has been successful in the ESB integration of Aegon to make their orders and supplier contracts more transparent and easy to control.
Microsoft is a key technology partner of Blue Sky. Our services and solutions rely on the Microsoft Technology foundation and services to implement state of the art analytics and solutions for the retail industry that not only perform highly accurate calculations for modelling retail business metrics but also scale seamlessly with growing demand from our customers.


Blue Sky has successfully demonstrated how PlanR can drive a centralized, streamlined, cloud-based merchandise financial planning process tailored for the needs of Heavy Tools.
Blue Sky has been working with Pepco, a leading discount fashion retailer in Europe with over 2600 stores, providing retail business consulting services to help the business teams in their transformation to modern, efficient and highly productive processes that support further growth and scaling of the business both in terms of geography and number of stores.
Blue Sky has been working closely with Praktiker, a leading Central European DIY retailer, delivering advanced retail demand forecasting service to Praktiker’s merchandising team to support supply chain, logistics and inventory planning activities in the enterprise. Relying on Blue Sky’s high quality demand forecasts, Praktiker has been able to regroup inventory, increase sales, simplify its decision making and streamline its internal processes to ensure its customers find the goods they need, when they need.


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