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PlanR brochure is available in 3 languages (english, chinese, hungarian)

PlanR supports creating and developing trading plans, applying flexible and easy-to-use planning solution templates for your business.

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Want to minimize errors and omissions in your contracts and documents?

Have you ever had a problem with errors and omissions causing grief in the business?

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Navigate the uncertainties brought by COVID-19

Year 2020 has been one of the greatest challenges in history faced by retailers. Within a month starting from late February, the COVID-19 pandemic spread from Asia to all the continents and has sent billions of people under lock-down.

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In business, every year starts with a plan it is one of the most important and complex processes in a business. That typically involves a complex set of activities that need to be followed as part of a larger workflow.


Doxpert – Contract Generator tool

DOXPERT is a modern collaborative cloud solution that helps your organization create and store pre-defined sections and paragraphs of documents such as contracts that your organization uses.



In our business strategy consulting services our expert consultants focus on key capabilities that are missing or are inadequate in our customer’s organization.

Who we are

Blue Sky is a team of professionals with a passion for solving business challenges. We have experience in business consulting, implementation, integration, support, solution hosting, development and application management.

We work with leading international organizations to provide the best value with best-fit solutions and technologies.

Originally founded in Budapest, Hungary in 2015, experienced rapid organic and partner-driven growth. Today, Blue Sky has over 25 consultants in Hungary, France and the USA.

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