Retail analytics delivered to your team

Your retail business needs expert analytics to optimize business processes and maximize your profitability, but building an in-house data analyst team is expensive. That’s where we come in.

Team of retail experts with over 20 years of industry experience

Fast implementation (6-weeks on average)

Flexible subscription model

Forecast accuracy


Decreased stockouts


Decrease inventory by 


Retail planning insights at your fingertips

Unlock the full potential of your retail business through advanced planning and streamlined processes. Building an in-house solution can be costly and slow – let us provide you a comprehensive cloud solution for increased planning efficiency and accuracy.

Enhanced teamwork for effective planning

Optimize inventory levels with data-driven precision

Increase accuracy of your plans

Merchandise Financial Planning

Assortment Planning

Inventory      Planning

Retailer Challenge Assessments

Take our 30-seconds survey to understand how our solutions can help your retail problems.

Analytics as a Service

Unlock the potential of data with our Analytics as a Service solutions. Drive informed decisions and elevate your business with ease.

Demand Forecasting

Balanced inventory levels

Accurately plan merchandising allocation and replenishment

Agility in case of unexpected events

No analytics experience needed

Markdown Optimization

Easily achieve seasonal targets

High level of sell-through

Time and resource efficient markdown planning

Visibility of impact of markdown decisions

How it works

Analytics as a Service is a collaborative process between Blue Sky and retailers, that allows for analytics processes being handled by our team entirely, freeing you to spend your attention to handle business processes.

  1. Retailers send at least 2 years of historical sales data
  2. Our analysts feed your data into Demand Forecasting and/or MDO models depending on your subscription
  3. Receive your retail analytics weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on your needs
  4. Continuous data tracking and review to make predictions/suggestions as precise as possible

Why use Analytics as a Service?


Analytics as a service is
more affordable compared to
in-house development or
third party solutions


Our subscription-based model offers flexible payments options tailored
to your needs.


Our team offers readily accessible industry experience spanning over 20 years, at your disposal.

Retail Cloud Planning Solution

A comprehensive planning platform to handle all your retail planning needs.

Set product categories, item levels and handle your whole retail plans with a top-down or a bottom-up approach

Plan your financial plans to the sub class level, and your inventory at location level

Leverage our planning solutions to meet your consumer demand

Plan locations in clusters and all channels

One single platform for all your analytic needs

Our solutions are designed to run on a single platform, allowing retailers to see all necessary data and insights with ease. The native and seamless integration between our solutions make retail planning fast, efficient and accurate.

Accurate retail analytics delivered fast

Demand Forecasting

Demand forecasting in retail is the fundamental process of developing an estimate of the future customer demand

Seasonalty and promotions

Weather forecast

Industry trends

Markdown Optimization

Markdown Optimization is the best tool to avoid losses and maximize profit when products are near the end of their life cycle

Results on item/location level

React to market fluctuations

Agility towards consumer demands

Planning Solutions

Elevate your business potential with our comprehensive Retail Planning Cloud Solution.

Up to 5 user roles

Plan locations in clusters

Plan financials to sub-class level

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