Praktiker Demand Forecasting Case Study

    Praktiker, a Central European DIY retailer, centralized replenishment to streamline business processes, improve efficiency and scale.

    Moving away from previous forecasting solutions and providers, Praktiker leveraged Blue Sky’s demand forecasting service to provide reliable decision support in its merchandising team.

    Blue Sky’s demand forecasting service was initialized and launched in 6 weeks.

    Benefits include:

    • 400% growth in efficiency of managing ordering and replenishment for all stores and ecommerce
    • 5% service level improvement: inventory structure improved significantly, driving up to 5% potential improvement in revenue (fewer stock outs and overstocks)
    • 15% forecast accuracy improvement: compared with accuracy of previous forecasting solutions
    • Ongoing weekly improvement in intelligence and accuracy of forecasts during ongoing service delivery via recommendation of increasing input variables and continuously evolving correlational insights made by AI.

    “We have chosen Blue Sky’s team of experts because of their proven international and global retail know-how, best practice and data science expertise delivered with a high degree of professionalism. Blue Sky’s solution portfolio also includes additional features that are interesting for us such as price optimization.”

    Praktiker CFO
    Dr. S
    ándor Ónody

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