Blue Sky’ PlanR Editor is launched

    Now anyone with a minimal required training can edit configuration in BlueSky’s PlanR cloud solution.

    Blue Sky is pleased to announce the launch of its Editor cloud solution. Editor allows any person with minimal required training to create or change configuration of Blue Sky’s PlanR cloud solution, adding KPIs, defining specific calculations for new KPIs and modifying the hierarchy structure of data represented in the solution.

    The Editor allows our customers, their certified partners and professionals to make adjustments, or create new configurations in their PlanR cloud solutions independently. Using a test environment provided by Blue Sky, changes can be tested and tried before implementing production changes, allowing full regression testing to be completed on the target configuration of PlanR before releasing changes to the entire enterprise.

    Blue Sky is offering training courses and certifications for individuals looking to learn how PlanR configuration can be created or modified using the Editor cloud solution. Courses are available for order on our website at

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