Markdown PlanR – Price with Confidence

    This November Blue Sky had the opportunity to showcase how its latest Markdown PlanR solution can help deliver a leading edge to one of the biggest DIY retail chains in Central Europe.

    Through a real-life example using existing products we have shown, how choosing a multi-step, well-timed markdown strategy can maximize profit and clear unwanted stock to make space for next season’s goods.

    We have determined, that about 40% of products show sufficient elasticity which enables choosing an optimal markdown strategy that increases profits!

    Using markdown optimization can mean the difference between sending back low-demand goods for a salvage price or raising demand and still making profit out of seasonal wares at the end of their life-cycle.

    Blue Sky’s solutions can help your business maximize your profit at every step, whether it be financial planning for the year, forecasting demand to optimize your stock at every location, or at the stage where markdowns are applied, thereby helping you achieve the most optimal sales prices and product composition throughout the business year.
    Markdown PlanR - Price with Confidence

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