Top 2021 Retail trends to build on

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    Computer vision automates the shelf storage process and reports infringements in real-time.

    FREMONT, CA: Experimenting with fresh innovations is essential to sustained growth and maintain market share in the retail world. Using virtual reality to personalize deals to apply machine vision and infinite aisles to minimize missed revenue, organizations can leverage AI in retail to enrich consumer service and work more effectively. By leveraging popular software development tools, businesses can build revolutionary custom apps quicker than one can think.

    Augmented Reality

    Augmented reality has evolved as a revolutionary platform that enables advertisers to communicate with customers on their mobile devices. The ‘try before you buy’ feature for virtual reality is introduced by numerous businesses in the beauty and fashion industries. For example, thanks to its facial recognition technology, the application helps a person test various makeup colors on their face in real-time, compare and upload, and complete the order.

    The other application is the simulated dressing room concept, which lets shoppers find the right size and see how products are paired with other clothes. Applications either use a camera sample or allow a full-body picture to be submitted to create a simulated avatar that can be checked on clothes.

    Computer Vision

    Retailers may use machine vision to help shop floor workers with day-to-day activities such as shelf management. The conventional way of controlling product availability in brick-and-mortar stores includes carrying out stock counts or gap scanning periods. This feature involves the inspection of aisles one by one and the quest for holes or empty shelves.

    Computer vision automates the shelf storage process and reports infringements in real-time. This system uses wired cameras to track aisles and automatically produces a job to fix a void where a product cannot be identified. The employee shall be informed of the incident and should promptly re-stock the shelf.

    Endless Aisles

    Endless aisles are in-store kiosks or smartphone devices that allow consumers to search and order items that are not available in the store. The customer will check the sticker or tag on the shelf’s edge to figure out if the item is available online or at another shop. If the commodity is not available or discontinued, the device can show related products. It may also be used to upsell a more expensive edition or cross-sell an accessory similar to the missing object. This aspect makes it easier to increase inventory without increasing floor space, which leads to substantial cost savings.

    Besides, a 3D model of a product with an immersive 360-degree view can be presented to support the consumer in the decision-making process. Both of these features improve consumer loyalty by widening the variety of options and offering quicker service.


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