Want to minimize errors and omissions in your contracts and documents?

    Have you ever had a problem with errors and omissions causing grief in the business?

    Recently one of our clients has shared a story about a supplier that delivered them low-quality products. Our client chose to return these products to the supplier for a refund, however, when reading the purchase order contract, they realized that this remedy option was missing from their contract. Their legal department missed this crucial point from the contract and approved the document for signature without it, as a result the company suffered a very expensive financial loss.

    If you have ever been in a similar situation, then you may have considered automating your contract creation process via document templates or other similar mechanisms to mitigate this risk. However, since such templates are still edited by your staff by hand, there is still the possibility of human mistakes leading to a costly consequence later.

    To control the risk of errors and omissions in contracts and legal documents, you need to ensure that

    1. contracts and documents are created systematically
    2. based on templates
    3. in a tightly controlled process
    4. where every change is tracked and reviewed
    5. and changes are based on pre-defined options
    6. where all steps can be performed in a collaborative shared system

    We have created an online collaborative tool exactly to the above requirements. Now you can rest assured that your contracts and documents are free of errors and omissions caused by manual failures in the contract creation process. You and your team can work seamlessly in an online environment with team members working on the same documents around the globe, on the road, or from home office. Pre-defined document templates and pre-defined paragraphs and content help teams assemble contracts and documents systematically in a controlled environment to cover the exact need at hand.

    Learn more and try our solution for free online at https://doxpert.pro

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